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导读:感恩母亲的一分钟的英语演讲稿并翻译 Hollow everyone in this room,I want everyone to listen to the words of this speech The


Hollow everyone in this room,I want everyone to listen to the words of this speech. There are many kinds of love in this world,the greatest of which is the mother"s love, I think.There was a time when we were born,and it;s the hardest time our mothers have ever spent.As time went by,we growed up day by day and we made mistakes,large or small,stupid or smart,but our mothers" patience is always around,no matter what kinds of difficulty we met,their encouragable eyes never went away.They try their best to make ways for us to live a happy life,but as for themselves,usually,not so strick In my heart,my mother is the best one,and I couldn"t picture leaving her side,the other times,I think thet are the same,the same of love,the same of pride of thier kids. Now,take a second to think,what you have done for you mother?how can you not be grateful to her,the angel? Thank the mothers all over the world,because of you,we kids" life became so brilliant,our future became so bright! 大家好,我希望每个人都能好好听这次演讲 我想,世界上有不少种的爱,母爱最伟大了吧。


在我心里,我母亲是最棒的,我无法想象离开她,却又有时候,我觉得天下母亲一样伟大,一样的爱,一样的骄傲 现在,想想你为你妈做了些什么




Mama, I want to tell you, I love you for what you are. I like the food you cooked for me to eat. Other aunties said you are fat, but I think you are okay. Your size gives me a sense of good protecti


My mother is a family of women, she did not work. I have two sister, the family is not very rich so young my mother to take good care of our three special especially hard. In this mother and the mother of all thank the world. When young unhealthy body always, always go to the hospital, in order to reduce the burden of home so her mother would give up the opportunity to have been home to care for me, every morning she would like to personally give me injections, she was very understanding, total She shot than others feel that pain, but also complained that she had a good long time, the injections in the future and her some pocket money to buy some sugar go, but she had never refused. I remember that once burned in the middle of the night, carrying my mother immediately went to the hospital, half-way because of the darkness to throw, the legs of the bloodshed, and now also has been scar. Mama, thank you has been on our love, and now we have grown up around the outside of you, I hope you can take care of good health, and also for all the mothers, I hope that you can safely life!


母亲节英文演讲稿:Today I am honored to be standing on the stage of speech for everyone. Mother"s day is coming, I think, for every mother received the best gift is the healthy growth of children, today here, I want to send this article to my mother and the whole world all mother, wish them healthy and happy!Mother, my dear mother, you are so ordinary, but you are so great, you would all love to give you your daughter, selfless, without reservation, but I should take what to return you!In the past, I also will be very naughty, may make you sad. But now I have grown up, sensible, won"t let you like I used to worry about. From time to time but you still to care about me, let me no matter when and where can experience the warmth of you, let me be the happiest child in the world! How I want to sing a song listen to mother"s words: my mother"s hard not to let you see, when they have free more than hold her hand and hand holding to sleepwalking... Indeed, the mother in labor time and time again, makes her hands rough, but I think about holding mother"s hand forever, although it is rough, but I still can feel the hand from the warm heart! Mother"s love for me is like a village head bridge and bridge, bridge on bridge, the storm of the blocked again and again!Mother is a beacon of night, when I get lost in the vast night, her navigation for me!My mother is learning a whip and when I am lazy, she drives me go forward!Mother is in the desert, a spring, when I was thirsty and even despair, she gave me the sweet spring water moistens!In a word, mother is in my heart forever hero, the myth of forever!Mother, my dear mother, you the selfless love, you are the greatest love of all, let your daughter lost in the infinite warmth!Wish all mother healthy and happy!My speech finished, thank you!


Mother"s love  Mother"s love, is a pair of long chopsticks,Give me a delicious dish;Mother love is a color of the rubber band,Give me a beautiful braid;Mother love 。



is a distraction of the umbrella,My shelter;A mother"s love, is a wonderful story book notebook,Tell me a good story;Mother"s love, is a small pencil,  Teach me to write the code word;  Mother"s love, is concerned about the tears,I was brave in the injection, but my mother was crying;Mother"s love, is warm embrace,Let me sleep comfortably.  I love you, mom!  母亲的爱  母亲的爱,是一对长长的筷子,  给我做一道美味的菜;  母爱是一种颜色的橡皮筋,  给我编一个漂亮的辫子;  母亲的爱是一种分散的伞,  为我遮风挡雨;  一个母亲的爱,是一本精彩的故事书笔记本,  给我讲个好故事;  妈妈的爱,是一支小铅笔,  教我读书写字;  母亲的爱,是牵挂的泪水,  我在打针的时候很勇敢,但是我的母亲在哭泣;母亲的爱,是温暖的拥抱,让我睡得舒服。



英文:When I was young my father is a mainstay of our home, big burly dad windshield rain, gentle is virtuous mother xiangfujiaozi, I gradually grew up, was young I always want to free of dad, repeatedly against a nagging mother, grew up, I gradually realized the hardships of life, found that my father was hunched already very deformed, the mother"s body has a bloated, it"s time to do a part female of responsibility, meticulous care on this home, father close-fitting crutch, gave him a shoulder rely on, give an umbrella to shelter the mother covered the scorching sun of summer, for her father and mother I love you.中文:小时候爸爸是家里的顶梁柱,高大魁梧的爸爸遮风档雨,温柔贤惠的妈妈相夫教子,渐渐我长大了,少不更事的我总想挣脱爸爸的束缚,屡次顶撞唠叨的妈妈,长大的我渐渐体会到了生活的艰辛,发现爸爸的背早已驼得不成样子,妈妈的身体也已臃肿,是时候尽一份子女的责任,悉心呵护起这个家,做父亲贴身的拐杖,给他一个依靠的肩膀,给母亲撑把庇护伞为她遮蔽盛夏的骄阳,爸爸妈妈我爱你。


Thanksgiving parents Gratitude, it though is a verb, a smile movement, actually, achieves truly grateful person but little little. As the 21st century, we first Thanksgiving of should be parents. Maybe, you wasn"t thinking, from your newborn then, until the girl, to youth contradiction of strong and courageous of boy, who you give at most? Needless to say, of course, is parents! So we must do the "parents" dripping of grace, when animals are reported. We have today happiness of life, have a warm home, safe, do have a happy, no famine, well-groomed, when leisure read kinds of extra readings do, here everything, and who creates? Are the parents to be thankful for, don"t we? Although some classmates hatred parents leave task is too heavy, so that the children are suffocatively come, I want to say is: you don"t have to for work and exhaustion of body and mind; No room to live without bothering to care, and your biggest task is to learn, that"s still not enough? Remember a stormy night, bean big rain some cracking hit the window. That night, I suddenly went limp body, ZhiChan, awakened the sleeping mom, mom took a look, 39 degrees thermometer. Now god panic, hurriedly woke daddy, daddy to the kitchen and TuiShaoYao and water, I take next, he lay in bed and absently fell asleep. I woke up after shut-eye, opens his eyes and finds that parents are still in my heart guard, beside a kind of unspeakable felling ` ` ` ` ` ` I really thank god, let me incarnate upon parents" knees, such as the most extensive and most without parents unconditional love, with all the true love sloping, all emotions to perfusion, a bit does not attend his own labor and hardship, from early parenting, can I tarnished write comments today account of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a way, Thanksgiving is a kind of state. Only learn Thanksgiving, can get the respect of others and loved ones