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导读:好的英语演讲稿 3分钟以内 Ladies and gentlemen, it"s my honor to be here today to give you this speech My topic is the pain

好的英语演讲稿 3分钟以内

Ladies and gentlemen, it"s my honor to be here today to give you this speech. My topic is the pains of growing upWhen i was a child, I hoped to grow up immediately. However, having grown up, how I wish i were a child! Once we grow up, the carefree times have flown away and there are so many pains waiting for us!First comes the pains of studying. Exactly, studying itself is pleasant. What pains us are examinations and scores. We have to study those boring subjects and try to get high scores in exams. It"s really painful.We also suffer from dealing with others. Sometimes we may find that some people are hard to get along with. Sometimes we may quarrel with intimate friends. Such things always hurt our feelings.Parents may bring us pains, too. We think they don"t understand us. They forbid us to do what interests us and force us to do what we hate. They keep telling us what to do and what not to do as is we knew noting. They don"t really care what is in our mind.Later, some may suffer pains of losing love, pains of working and then of suppoting a family.Growing up seems to mean endless pains,. So many people wish to return to childhood.But you know, that"s impossible. We can do nothing but stand up and overcome them, even enjoy them and shoulder our responsibilities.My dear classmates, don"t be afraid of growing up! Don"t be afraid of pains. No pains, no gains. Only after tasting pains can we better enjoy sweetness and happiness. Let"s grow up in pains, grow up from pains.Thank you!这是我曾经做过的一个3分钟演讲,老师说稿子写的还不错,就是我表现不咋样……希望你可以好好表现吧~


Keep Your Direction 坚持你的方向What would you do if you failed? Many people may choose to give up. However, the surest way to success is to keep your direction and stick to your goal.On your way to success, you must keep your direction. It is just like a lamp, guiding you in darkness and helping you overcome obstacles on your way. Otherwise, you will easily get lost or hesitate to go ahead.Direction means objectives. You can get nowhere without an objective in life.You can try to write your objective on paper and make some plans to achieve it. In this way, you will know how to arrange your time and to spend your time properly. And you should also have a belief that you are sure to succeed as long as you keep your direction all the time.翻译:如果了你会怎么做












我的学中外合作办学考试口语两分钟准备好的话题演讲得200-230字是准备的幻的presentation要求4-5分钟 你大概需要430-450字你要的3-4分钟据我推测应该要300-350字如果是给几个话题 提前准备的可以提前脱稿用秒表算算时间还有可能如果你紧张的话 忘词会造成误差 还有紧张的气氛下不知道你是越说越快还是越说越慢演讲时要注意眼神交流还有适当的手势


(1) With the improvement of our living standard, more and more people can afford a car. As a result, our roads are more often than not crammed with cars. However, with more and more waste gas being discharged by the cars, the problem of air pollution becomes even more serious. So nowadays we advocate to lead a low-carbon life. My suggestion is we should ride bikes more often instead of driving cars.By riding a bike, we can not only exercise our body but also protect our environment. Why not have a try, my dear friends? 与我们的生活水平的提高,越来越多的人都买得起汽车的。





为什么不试试,我亲爱的朋友?(2) Now, our side of the car constant more up, the environment also increasingly worse! That the air around us there are many harmful substances. Therefore, we want to Sue around things start to do. For example, we can go to school by bike or walk, it can exercise. If you have time can use less elevator, many climb stairs. We can not only physical exercise, but also to protect our environment. 现在,我们身边的汽车不断的多了起来,环境也越来越糟糕









第一段(包括要点前两部分)1.环保的重要性;2 接着是站在学生的角度谈谈家庭节约能源的具体方法,第二段写第三要点,即谈谈今后打算。

重要句型短语:It is important to protect our environment, the energy in the world is limited. turn off the light and other appliance when you ,re not using them, we"d better not waste the energy, use public transportation, recycle the waste,I can learn more to develop new and clear energy, like the energy from the wind and solar 等。

参考例文: With the development of our society, energy in the world becomes more and more limited, so it is quite important for us to save energy and to protect our environment. As a student, there are a lot of methods we can do to save energy at home. For example, first, we can turn off the light as well as other appliances when we are not using them. Second, recycle the waste water, paper and other waste so that we can reuse them. What"s more, it is suggested to use public transportation more instead of private cars. Above all, everyone can make a great contribution to our environment. I hope I can learn more to develop new and clear energy, like energy from the wind and solar.(4)Recently we have held a class meeting to discuss what is considered to be honorable behavior and what is shameful. (最近我们班开了个班会讨论什么是光荣和耻辱。

)It is really a pity to see all this in our school.(很遗憾在学校看到这些现象)Some students don’t respect their teachers or parents. (不尊敬老是和父母)Some don’t take their studies seriously and cheat in exams. (作业不认真,考试作弊)Some throw wastes everywhere and pollute the environment . (到处乱扔垃圾污染环境。

)It is honorable to obey the law and rules , care much about our class and study hard.(关心班级、努力学习、遵纪守法是光荣)It is shameful to break school rules, to be selfish or to make little effort to achieve success.(违反学校纪律、自私 骄傲是可耻的)We should respect others and think more of them than of ourselves.(我们应该尊敬别人经常关心别人)We should work hard and make much more progress to repay the society.(我们应该努力学习取得更大进步从而回报社会。

)We should try our best to keep the environment clean。


) (5) There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. One of the most serious problems is the serious pollution of air, water and soil. the polluted air does great harm to people’s health. The polluted water causes diseases and death. What is more, vegetation had been greatly reduced with the rapid growth of modern cities.To protect the environment, governments of many countries have done a lot. Legislative steps have been introduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resources and to stop any environmental pollution. Therefore, governments are playing the most important role in the environmental protection today.In my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete measures. First, it should let people fully realize the importance of environmental protection through education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population planning policy into practice, because more people means more people means more pollution. Finally, those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. We should let them know that destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.保护环境目前环保还存在着许多问题。













Hello: everyone!Now I want to talk about a beatiful world! When I was young,I always dreamed that I lived in a beautiful country. There were many flowers and trees around our city.We counld hear the birds singing and see the children dancing. The streets were clear and the the air was very fresh! How nice it was!But that only was a dream of mine!How I wish that it would be come true! So I think we should do something to protect our environment. Everyone should make a contribution to protect the environment. Taking care of our environment is very important.Where ever you live,you can do something around your neighbourhood. Have you ever thrown any litter onto the ground?Have you ever drawn pictures on public walls? Have you ever cut down trees?If your answers are No,it means that you have already helped protect our environment. It is our duty to keep our envionment clean and tidy. You might ask yourself,Have I ever picked up some rubbish and thrown it into a box?Have I ever collected waste paper or bottles for recycling?Have I ever planted any trees or flowers in or near my neighbourhood?If your answers areYes,it means that you have already done something useful to improve the environment. Now I want to say :Let`s do our best to make our world more beautiful!望采纳







I am looking forward to the days coming of Aug.8TH 2008, the day Beijing Olympic games will be opened, the day Sports family gather in beijing, and the day All the Chinese feel proud. 作为一个小主人,我真想成为一名光荣的奥运志愿者,可是到了那时,我还太小,不能成为一个真正的志愿者,但是,我依然可以为北京奥运会做出自己的贡献。

As a littke host , I really want to be honorable volunteer for it, however, I am still too young to be a real volunteer , but I can still contribute for it (according as I am able) 首先,作为一个北京市的小市民,我要用我的热情、我的笑容迎接每一个来自世界各地的外国朋友,展示出我们北京人友好好客的精神风貌,让外国朋友们通过每一张北京人的笑脸感受北京。

First , as a citizen of Beijing, I will welcome every friend from all over the world with my enthusiasm and smile to show us beijing people’s friendship and hospitality. And let theforeigh friends know(feel) Beijing from the smile on our face 其次,我要更加努力的学习英语,在奥运会举办期间,能够用英语和外国朋友们说话、交流,为他们提供我力所能及的帮助,比如:做个小翻译、帮外国人指路等等,让外国朋友通过每一个北京人热情的帮助喜欢北京。

Then\\\/second, I will study English harder.During the Olympic Games ,I can communicate with the foreigh friends in english and serve for them such as to be a interpreter and show them the way, let them love beijing more from our enthusiastic help 再次,我也要学习更多的有关北京、奥运的知识,将来可以为外国朋友介绍咱们美丽的北京,以及北京悠久的历史和灿烂的文化,要让他们通过和每一个北京人的交流更加了解北京,了解中国。

爱爱英语学习风站 Third, I will learn more knowadge about Beijing and The Olympic Games in order to introduce the beautiful beijing to foreigners and its long history and splendor culture in the future.Let them Kow more about China by talking to each Beijinger 最后,我还要动员我身边的每一个同学,大家一起学习文明礼仪,一起加强和宣传环保意识,为北京奥运会办成一个真正的“绿色奥运、人文奥运、科技奥运”从我做起、从现在做起。

At last I will mobilize every students around me to learn civilized manners andstrenth the consciousness of theprotecting the enivoement .we should do from now on for beijing Olympic Game to be a real Green Olympics, humanities Olympics, technology Olympics “同一个世界,同一个梦想”,我希望我的梦想能够变为现实 “One word One dream” I hope my dream will come true 麻烦采纳,谢谢!


Tom and John are exchanging ideas.They are very good friends,yet they have never met.So how do they become friends? By computer! Now the Internet is being used by busnesses,governments and students.In fact,the Internet anyone can use it if his or her computer is connected to it. They can use the Internet to send the emails.Tom and John become friends because they both like the same music.They sent letters to the news group on the Internet where the can discuss it. They find than they have many things in common. 汤姆和约翰在交换意见。













请指正Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning! It’s my great honor to be here, and I’m very happy to see you all! Thank you for being here. What I"m going to talk about is Courage —— A Weapon To Defeat Death. Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to achieve unusual success? Do you want to win the respect and appreciation of others? Be brave! Be braver. Be even more braver. You can achieve all of these! It is well known that the only thing that strikes fear into anybody is death. But those who have enormous courage can confront it fearlessly. We still remember one word, S-A-R-S, SARS. It broke out in December last year in Guang Dong province and soon rampaged our whole country. Thinking back to the days when SARS was a raging epidemic, thousands of people were infected and hundreds of people died of it. People didn’t know where the deadly strange new disease came from and how to treat it. At that very moment, the medical staff, battling with that notorious invisible enemy, actually were frightened of becoming infected and possibly transmitting that disease to their loved ones. However, they were not scared to death. On the contrary, they kept on working all day and all night. The early recovery of the SARS patient was what they were all hoping for. What support them? It’s the bravery. It’s the courage. It’s the sworn oath of a health care worker: to do what they could do for the sick. The final smile on their faces was the symbol of victory over death. Here, I want to pay tribute to those medical staff who fought the battle against SARS, and to those who gave their endless warm-hearted encouragement and support. Finally, I"d like to summarize my point in one sentence —— where there is bravery, there is the hope! Thank you for listening. Thank you very much.