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导读:急需一篇关于关于生命的意义的英语演讲稿 As everyone knows,English is very important today It has been used everywhere in the world


As everyone knows,English is very important today.It has been used everywhere in the world.It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. If we can speak English well,we will have more chance to succeed.Because more and more people have taken notice of it,the number of the people who go to learn English has increased at a high speed. But for myself,I learn English not only because of its importance and its usefulness,but also because of my love for it.When I learn English, I can feel a different way of thinking which gives me more room to touch the world.When I read English novels,I can feel the pleasure from the book which is different from reading the translation.When I speak English, I can feel the confident from my words.When I write English,I can see the beauty which is not the same as our Chinese... I love English,it gives me a colorful dream.I hope I can travel around the world one day. With my good English, I can make friends with many people from different contries.I can see many places of great intrests.I dream that I can go to London,because it is the birth place of English. I also want to use my good English to introduce our great places to the English spoken people,I hope that they can love our country like us. I know, Rome was not built in a day. I believe that after continuous hard study, one day I can speak English very well. If you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. So I believe as I love English everyday , it will love me too. I am sure that I will realize my dream one day! Thank you! 正如每个人所知,英语在今天十分重要。









当我写英语时,我能够感到不同于汉语的那种美…… 我爱英语,它给了我一个色彩斑斓的梦。







MyViewonLifeValue 人生价值何在

We all come to the world, but why do some of us make great achievements known forever and why are they remembered forever even though they leave the world? And why do some leave the world without anything valuable to his generation and the people? Every one of us will hope to have a significant and valuable life. But what kind of life is both significant and valuable?我们每一个人来到这个世界上,为什么有的人功业千秋,永垂不朽




Answers to the questions are ... If you cherish your value of your own life, you will create something valuable for the world. Johann Goth said. The life value should be judged from his contribution rather than his profession. Einstein said. Lei Feng, a communist soldier, said, one lives to make others a more beautiful life. As we all know, Marx is an outstanding and great man. He founded his brilliant and scientific theory of communism. The theory guides the ways for the human being"s liberation. Marx said, If we can elect one suitable profession, we won"t be demoralized with its pressure, because we make sacrifice for human beings.对于这个问题...... 歌德说:你若要喜爱自己的价值,就得给世界创造价值。





Only by this way will we not be addicted to the joy of narrow-minded and individualism. Our happiness belongs to thousands upon thousands of people. I see, although it may be unknown, our cause will never be forgot forever. Even when we depart to God, the kind people will tear down upon our ashes. When he said these words, he was only 17 years old. He meant his word with his deeds in his late lifetime period. After his death, on his 100-birthday anniversary, the proletarian and the revolutionary people of the whole world still cherish the memory of Marx and mourn him respectively. It is his distinguishingable contribution to the mankind that his life is that significant. It is his great devotion to the human being that his life value is beyond measure.这样,我们就不会陷入到一种毫无意义的、狭小的、个人主义的欢乐之中。






We also know that Lu Xun is a man of great. Without his nobility Fierce-browed, I wooly defy a thousand point fingers, head bowed like a willing ox I serve the children, and without his spirit of his loyalty and devotion to the last for the bright future of the Chinese people, his life would not have been so significant and so great. Actually, didn"t those regarded as essence of human who live forever in the hearts of people make great contributions to the cause of the people? Wouldn"t the people remember those whose great achievements for human are recorded in history? We know for certain that not every of us will be a second Marx or Lu Xun. However, a person of noble aspirations will do solid work. Struggle continuously and effortless. He will try to make his greatest contribution in his shortest time. He will try what he can to bring benefit to the people in his lifetime.鲁迅先生也是个伟大人物,如果他没有横眉冷对千夫指,俯首甘为孺子牛的崇高精神,如果他没有为中国人民的美好未来而鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已,其人生的意义和价值就不会这样伟大了。



We"d say it is impossible for one to live alone if he isolates society and people. If he hopes to make a benefit life, he will bring benefit and make contribution to people. As a socialist youth, he will devote his life to the cause of communism in order to make a benefit life. Moreover, we say that a value of life will be only in direct proportion to achievement and contribution he makes to our society.一个人是不可能离开人类、离开社会而独立生活的,要使人生有价值,就得造福于人类,为社会做出贡献。



In our real life, we can see many revolutionary martyrs die young for the people. Don"t you think they cherish the life? Yes. They do. They are sentimentally attached to life; they are full of hope and desire. But they confront the death bravely and resolutely in order to make many more people live. Their brilliant status will be living in the hearts of people. They die glorious and great. The life of those who die busy about his lifetime without any achievements can not be compared with their life.许多革命烈士,年纪轻轻就为人民献出了生命,难道他们就不爱人生









In our real life, we have many cases like those. Life is endless and tackling key problems will be continuous. Let"s take these as examples. Mr. Jing Zhuying worked for the Chinese science causes to the last of his life. Mr. Zhang Hua sacrificed his own young life for the sake of others, which set a good example of the communist. Mr. An Ke died for fulfillment for the duty as a citizen. Ms Zhang Haiti, compared to be Paul of our time, worked very hard and faced frustrations of her life, though she was disabled. She still continues to live on bravely. All these are the strong of their life. Their value of life is precious.My fellow students, don"t you say what a beautiful life they have? Beethoven once said; I must learn to control my life which will never make me give myself up. Oh, If only I can live more than thousands times! Paul Cocking also had a golden saying, Life is but one. I think every youth of us keep this in our minds. let"s turn it into reality with our deeds. Let"s not be a man full of promises but without any deeds, like Lusting, one of the characters by Dougeshefol.朋友们,这样的人生是多么美好啊





My fellow students, let"s not wander. Let"s not hesitate. Only lament and vexation does not mean consideration and exploration. Only lament and vexation does not mean advancing and does not mean mature at all. Let"s not kill our lifetime by playing cards. Let"s not waste our youth by drinking. Let"s not destroy our will without any achievements. Let"s make great contribution to human. And only by these can we create benefit life. Every one will have to die and every body will be rotten. But every one may make achievements and contributions. We hate being rotten. Let"s brighten up! Up! And up!亲爱的朋友们,一味地徘徊、彷徨,一味地哀叹、烦恼,并不等于思考、探索、前进,更不是成熟的标志。













求 生命的意义 演讲稿

Life is beautiful, beautiful world is composed of a beautiful life. The lives of people, animal, plant life生命是美丽的,美丽的世界是由美丽的生命组成的。

人有生命,动物有生命,植物也有生命,Animals also have lives,大自然中的万事万物都有生命。

Everything has a life in nature.只要我们细心体会,As long as we carefully understand,就会感受到生Feel the life命的意义。

The meaning of life.江苏省金坛市城南小学的一名女教师,面对飞驰而来的汽车,刹那间张开双臂,A female teachers in Primary School of Jintan province south of Jiangsu, in the face of a speeding car, suddenly opened his arms,把正在过马路的学生奋力推向路边,The students struggling to across the road to the roadside,“嘭Bang”的一声巨响,她倒在A loud crash, she fell in2525米之外的血泊Meters from the pool of blood中In the……......在我们身边,Around us,许许多多的普通人,Many ordinary people,虽然没有惊天动地的英雄壮举,Although there is no shaking heaven and earth"s Heroes feat,却无时不在谱At any time spectrum写着生命之歌:Write a song of life:精心哺育我们的老师,Carefully nurtured us teacher,.救死扶伤的白衣天使,Nurse, heal the wounded and rescue the dying坚守岗位的人民警The people"s police stick to their posts察,为你日夜操劳的爸爸妈妈Observe, worked day and night for you mom and Dad……......不知你是否见过悬崖上的青松,I do not know have you ever seen a pine on the cliff,石缝中的小树,The crevice in the trees,一棵棵茁壮成长。

Yi Keke grow sturdily.它们不需要谁They don"t need anyone来施肥,也不需要谁来灌溉,任严寒酷暑,任风欺雪压,却顽强地向上生长Fertilization, who does not need to irrigate, let the bitter cold and scorching heat, wind or snow, but strong upward growth……......或许你在报纸上看过这条消息:一只生命垂危的小猫被送进了诊所。

经过检查,You may have seen the news in the newspaper: a dying cat was sent to the clinic. After inspection,医生如此描述了小猫的病情:“左眼撕裂,眼睑发炎,中枢神经受损,半身几乎The doctor is so described: cat eye disease and inflammation of the eyelids, tear, central nervous system damage, almost half瘫痪。


小猫被发现时,正被几Paralysis. But who can think of, this is a few pupils ! The kitten was found, a few being名身穿校服的小学生玩弄着,Wearing uniforms students playing,它痛苦地喵喵直叫,Meow meow complained bitterly,幸亏被人救起,Thanks to be rescued,才逃脱厄运„„To escape the bad luck大家都知道,在世界万物中,唯有生命最为珍贵,没有生命就没有一切,失去生As we all know, all things in the world, the most precious is life, life is not everything, lose命,就失去自我,失去生活的权利,我们要热爱生命。

Life, you lose yourself, lose the right to life, we must love life.一粒种子,一只蚂蚁,都是联系着一条小小的生命,在中华五千年文明历史中,A seed, an ant, are associated with a little life, in the five thousand years of Chinese civilization history,是人类用一颗热爱生命的恒心,Man has a perseverance, love life编制了一条文明的生命之河。

Compiled a river of civilized life.自强不息的海伦Helen"s unremitting self-improvement·-凯Kai勒终身残疾,Le lifelong disability,残而不废的刘侠,Liu Xia, Canerbufei双耳失聪却创作出世界名曲的贝多芬,Deaf but to create the world famous Beethoven,都在向我At me们诉说着生命的真谛。


有什么力量让他们自强不We tell the true meaning of life. What makes them so great? What kind of strong and dont let them息

我,Interest? I,是生命,Is life,是生命那火一般的力量,Is the power of fire, life让对他们而言不公平的命运变得熠熠The fate of so unfair for them to become bright生辉。

Brilliance.生命是一种神秘的力量,Life is a kind of mysterious power,说它脆弱它就像薄冰一样不堪一击,It fragile it like ice cannot withstand a single blow,说它坚强,It is strong,它又如It also大山一般坚忍不拔。

海伦Mountains firm and indomitable. Helen·-凯勒是一位双耳失聪、双目失明的不幸的残疾人,但Keller is a deaf blind people, unfortunately, but她凭着自己坚强的毅力和信念,She with strong will and faith,凭着对生命的热爱,With love of life,先后掌握了四门外语,Has mastered four foreign languages,成为Become哈佛大学的一名残疾学生,你能不说这是生命的奇迹吗

A disabled student at Harvard University, you can not say that this is the miracle of life?生命是短暂的,我们去热爱生命、珍惜生命。

用短暂的生命,绘出一副绚丽多彩Life is short, we love life, cherish life. Use short life, draw a blew的画

The painting!生命,只有一次;我们应该如何把握自己的生命之舟,使自己的生活变得更精彩,创造一个有关生命的奇迹,是每一个人都值得去思考的问题。

Life only once; we should how to grasp their own life boat, make your life more exciting, to create a miracle of life, everyone is worth thinking about.

求几篇很经典的英文演讲稿 不要太长了 我想背下来

Gettysburg Address 葛底斯堡演说 Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.Now, we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us, the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us---that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion; that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth. 译文:87年前,我们的先辈们在这个大陆上创立了一个新国家,它孕育于自由之中,奉行一切人生来平等的原则。