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导读:幼儿英语比赛演讲稿(共8篇) 篇一:幼儿英语比赛演讲稿a: in todays show, there are 6 contestants, they are ready to show themselves


篇一:幼儿英语比赛演讲稿a: in todays show, there are 6 contestants,. they are ready to show themselves.公布成绩:篇二:幼儿园英语演讲稿幼儿园英语演讲稿hello, my name is li quan tao , i’m five. i study in shuangnan dadi bi-language kindergarten. i like reading singing and playing the piano. i am a good student, a happy boy and a super star. now i will sing the song <…> thank you.hello, everybody. i’m mini. my chinese name is huang zixun. i’m six years old.i study in shuangnan dadi bi-language kindergarten. i like to go to school. because there are many friends in my class. they like me very much.there are three people in my family. my dear daddy, mommy and i. we love each other.i like yellow, pink and blue. i like banana, orange and apple. i like painting and dancing too. do you love me? now i will sing the song<…>that’s all, thank you.hi, i’m tony. my chinese name is yang wenhao. i am a boy, a good boy, everybody knows that. now i’m five years old, i live in chengdu and i study in shuangnan dadi bi-language kindergarten. i’m interest in english. i like green , i like blue, i like toys, i like balloon. now have you learn me ? now




I am looking forward to the days coming of Aug.8TH 2008, the day Beijing Olympic games will be opened, the day Sports family gather in beijing, and the day All the Chinese feel proud. 作为一个小主人,我真想成为一名光荣的奥运志愿者,可是到了那时,我还太小,不能成为一个真正的志愿者,但是,我依然可以为北京奥运会做出自己的贡献。

As a littke host , I really want to be honorable volunteer for it, however, I am still too young to be a real volunteer , but I can still contribute for it (according as I am able) 首先,作为一个北京市的小市民,我要用我的热情、我的笑容迎接每一个来自世界各地的外国朋友,展示出我们北京人友好好客的精神风貌,让外国朋友们通过每一张北京人的笑脸感受北京。

First , as a citizen of Beijing, I will welcome every friend from all over the world with my enthusiasm and smile to show us beijing people’s friendship and hospitality. And let theforeigh friends know(feel) Beijing from the smile on our face 其次,我要更加努力的学习英语,在奥运会举办期间,能够用英语和外国朋友们说话、交流,为他们提供我力所能及的帮助,比如:做个小翻译、帮外国人指路等等,让外国朋友通过每一个北京人热情的帮助喜欢北京。

Then\\\/second, I will study English harder.During the Olympic Games ,I can communicate with the foreigh friends in english and serve for them such as to be a interpreter and show them the way, let them love beijing more from our enthusiastic help 再次,我也要学习更多的有关北京、奥运的知识,将来可以为外国朋友介绍咱们美丽的北京,以及北京悠久的历史和灿烂的文化,要让他们通过和每一个北京人的交流更加了解北京,了解中国。

爱爱英语学习风站 Third, I will learn more knowadge about Beijing and The Olympic Games in order to introduce the beautiful beijing to foreigners and its long history and splendor culture in the future.Let them Kow more about China by talking to each Beijinger 最后,我还要动员我身边的每一个同学,大家一起学习文明礼仪,一起加强和宣传环保意识,为北京奥运会办成一个真正的“绿色奥运、人文奥运、科技奥运”从我做起、从现在做起。

At last I will mobilize every students around me to learn civilized manners andstrenth the consciousness of theprotecting the enivoement .we should do from now on for beijing Olympic Game to be a real Green Olympics, humanities Olympics, technology Olympics “同一个世界,同一个梦想”,我希望我的梦想能够变为现实 “One word One dream” I hope my dream will come true 麻烦采纳,谢谢!


I"m XXX ,18-year-old from Beijing, graduated from Beijing early childhood education school, a six-month work experience, I have a wide range of interests: painting, singing, dancing, etc., I like children, and to become a kindergarten teacher proud. I know that as a kindergarten teacher than a hundred-percent hundred percent of patience and love to treat a child for every garden, and I believe I can do. Hope that everyone will be able to support me, your support is my motivation.My dream, now more than one child, but now I just want to be properly made career achievements in early childhood education and train more flowers for a small country, so can be able to demonstrate the capacity of my teachers in early childhood The parents have their children referred to my hands, I will not let them down, it is necessary for children to develop additional capacity, teaching them more knowledge, so that they become a plastic talented, this is my greatest wish is that all the teacher"s wishes, in this I can only say I hope the children a better tomorrow, so I will be more happy. Thank you.


Our School我的学校  Good morning, my dear teachers and friends! My name is Li Bingke, from class four O five. Today, I am very happy to be here. My topic is “Our School”.  My dear friends, welcome to our school! My school is very beautiful! It has a big playground. We can play and do some sports there. Near the playground, there is a garden. Many trees and flowers are there. So the air is very clean and we can hear birds singing in the trees. It is so wonderful. Our teaching buildings are around the garden and look like our teachers’ arms to welcome us. We can draw pictures in the art room on the first floor and read story-books in the library on the second floor. My classroom is on the third floor. It is clean and bright. We like to study in it. The computer room is on the fifth floor. We can sing and dance in the music room on the sixth floor. What a lot of fun! We can have lunch in the canteen near Defang Teaching Building.  In our school, our teachers work hard and help us with our lessons. We study hard and listen to teachers carefully. After class, our teachers play with us and we feel very happy.  Our school is so nice and our teachers are so kind. We all love them. Dear friends, do you like them?  That"s all. Thanks!  早上好,我亲爱的老师和朋友们!我的名字是李Bingke ,来自一流的四个ö 5 。


我的主题是“我们的学校” 。






















开头: Hello, ladies and gentlemen. 先生们,女士们,你们好。

I am honoured to make a speech at this special moment.我很荣幸在这个特别的时刻为大家演讲。

I"m twelve。

My name is Bin Li, and I graduated from Qibaijian primary school,我十二岁,我的名字是李彬,毕业于七百间小学,I am ready for taking the challenges in the middle school我已经为迎接初中的挑战做好了准备。

My topic today is 。


--------------------------------------------------------------------------结尾:That"s all。

Thank you for listening。


英语演讲稿My Family

My FamailyI have a happy family. Do you want to know?Now,let me tell you. There are four people in my family.They’re my father,my mother,my sister and I.My father is a teacher.He teaches English.He loves his student,and often play with them.The students all love him. My mother is a doctor.Because she thinks it’s a great job and doctors can save people’s lives.She’s very busy.She cooks meals and cleans the house every day.I think she is very tired.She likes watching TV.My sister is a student.She wants to be a singer,because ahe thinks it’s fun.She likes dancing.She can dance well.I’m a student,too.I want to be a actress.I think it’s interesting.I like listening to pop music and reading. I hope my family will be happy foever.I love my family.可以自己改动一点


My family and friends were shocked by the terrifying earthquake.My father was cooking dinner in the kitchen while my mother was helping him.My sisters were playing games in the garden. I was talking on the phone . I knew Jim was listening to music and Gina was about to go out and have an appointment. But the earthquake troubled us a lot. Luckily, nobody was hurt in it.We felt a bit upset when it happened.